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Crypto The New World

Who hasn’t heard about crypto? Like really? As of late it has been everywhere you look. Up and down and around. You just can’t escape it. So what do you do to things you cannot beat? Join them of course!

Firstly a little intro into my website. Here my aim is to bring everyone the latest information and the best possible tips and tricks when it comes to the world of crypto. I know when I first started it was quite daunting and scary and I wished someone was there to lend me a hand and help me out. So really, thats the my goal. To help you and be there for you in this world of crypto.

As someone of you have probably realized lately, crypto is fast becoming one of the most used ways to exchange currency. You can buy so many things these days with BTC (Bitcoin) and a whole range of other cryptos. Some of course are more popular than others but thats no to say that the others are not worth it.

Everyday more and more cryptos come out and some are ever changing. They change their names and sometimes even their function but that’s just the crypto world. That’s just how it works. Which is why you always have to be on your toes at all times.

This brings me to the reliability of BTC. Is it reliable? Well that really depends who you’re asking. I think it is here to say but the price fluctuates all the times which effects all other cryptos aswell. You se

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e bitcoin is really king. Yes bitcoin cash, lit coin and ethereum are huge but no as big as the original. Bitcoin will always be king as it is the very first and most expensive.

Now lets talk about ripple. Ripple was huge not too long ago but the thing is something happened and the price went down alot which cause many people to lose money but thats just the world of crypto and you just gotta accept it and move on and keep at it till you win. This game will always have winners and losers but most of the time it is losers. That’s why here we all try to be winners and help eachother out as much as possible to be able to win!

Another huge crypto is lite coin. I believe lite coin was the second crypto after bitcoin but they are very popular as well and have been around for so long. Some people laughed at them when they first came thinking bitcoin will only ever be the only one which is simple not true. It needed competition which it got. Oh boy did it get it

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